How to keep your hands warm hunting.

How to keep your hands warm hunting.

When winter cold sets in and you need extra protection from the elements, a Sport XT Handwarmer is what you need. This hunting hand warmer is multifunctional and serves as a hunting seat cushion and back support.

Perfect for the hands or the hiney, our one of a kind Tubes® Sport Handwarmer is designed with you in mind. Interior pockets for heat packs and thick seat cushion allow you to use your Tubes® Sport Handwarmer wherever you need it most.

Realtree Tubes Sport Handwarmers

Featuring authentic Realtree Xtra® Camo, this realistic and durable water repellant and tear-resistant material provides additional protection from the outdoors.

Relaxing after a hard day? With the reversible zipper you can flip your Sport Tubes® and zip it up with soft side out and use as a Portable Pillow Roll.

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